DMC104V linear Spindle Cooling System Fault

The control display gives the alarm message:

Error description 60 [PLC]
Cause of error:
Backfeed signal from spindle cooling missing

Effect: NC stop, feed interlocking
Corrective action:
Check spindle cooling, contact Technical Service, if required

The machine adopts the Heidenhain iTNC 530 system. When the I6(X42.7) end of its I/O has a low level, the alarm will be given, indicating that the cooling of the spindle and X axis is abnormal.
The specific fault is related to the cooling system. If the heat exchanger is configured (C1-09A21, the location is shown in Fig. 1), it can be repaired according to Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. The pressure switches C1-09S51 and C1-09S52 of the heat exchanger are respectively connected to terminals 2.2 and 20 of X13 of the machine tool electrical cabinet.

Fig. 1 Location of heat exchanger in DMC104V linear

Fig. 2 Schematic diagram of heat exchanger

Fig. 3 Alarm signal access point of heat exchanger

If the external Pfannenberg EB60WT FL cooling device (Fig. 4) is configured, you can refer to fig. 5 and the following instructions for maintenance.

Fig. 4 Pfannenberg EB60WT FL cooling device with cover plate removed

Fig. 5 Cooling system configured with external Pfannenberg EB60WT FL

At this time, the alarm signal connection is shown in Fig. 6, that is, the contacts of EB60WT FL alarm relay C1-09A21 are connected between terminals 2.2 and 20 of X13.

Fig. 6 Alarm signal connection when configuring Pfannenberg EB60WT FL


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